Suspect killed after half-hour gunfight with Berkeley County deputy, sheriff says

    Damage from gunfire to Berkeley County Sheriff's Office vehicle related to active shooter situation Tuesday (BCSO)

    [Update, 7:30 p.m.]

    A traffic stop Tuesday in rural Berkeley County led to a 30-minute gunfight between a suspect and Berkeley County deputy and ended with Berkeley County Special Response Team deputies shooting and killing the suspect.

    The identity of the victim is unknown at this time, according to Sheriff Duane Lewis.

    The suspect used multiple firearms, including a high-powered rifle and handguns, to fire multiple rounds at the deputy at close range—about 50 feet away—Lewis said.

    The deputy and suspect exchanged gunfire, Lewis said.

    "The deputy was behind his Ford Explorer sheriffs vehicle, which is a small space, he was pinned down behind that (vehicle) taking gunfire," Lewis said at a press conference. "The suspect kept yelling multiple times at the deputy, 'I’m going to finish you off.'"

    Damage from gunfire to Berkeley County Sheriff's Office vehicle related to active shooter situation Tuesday (BCSO)

    According to Lewis, the suspect also shot at additional law enforcement officers who responded to the scene.

    No deputies or officers were hurt, Lewis said.

    According to Lewis, it started when the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office received a call at 3:21 p.m. about a disturbance related to a speeding complaint between the suspect and a neighbor.

    Lewis said the suspect pulled out a gun on the neighbor after being asked to slow down, Lewis said.

    "The deputy arrived at the scene and actually saw the vehicle speeding on Waterfowl Drive in Huger; he turned around and stopped the vehicle and went to talk to the person in the vehicle," Lewis said.

    That's when the suspect pulled out a gun, took cover and began shooting at the deputy, Lewis said.

    The suspect kept moving, taking cover behind a shed and other areas while he kept shooting at deputies, Lewis said.

    The SWAT team from Goose Creek was called out and used an MRAP vehicle, Lewis said.

    "We had our mental health response team come out and try to hep us, but (the suspect) just kept returning fire, moving around, taking cover, shooting at the deputy. We were trying to do everything we could to end the situation peacefully," Lewis said.

    Negotiators used the man's female friend who lived on Waterfowl Drive to try and talk him down, Lewis said.

    The suspect almost surrendered but then refused, Lewis said.

    Berkeley County Special Response Team deputies eventually shot and killed the suspect, Lewis said.

    Dozens of units responded, including the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, the Mt Pleasant Police Department, Moncks Corner Police Department, federal agencies and more, Lewis said.

    The State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is now investigating and will provide additional information.

    "We don't know anything about (the suspect) except that he was at this residence on Waterfowl Drive. He had been there visiting a friend and there had been some encounters with him and neighbors over a firearm in the last couple of weeks," Lewis said. "We are looking at call logs to see if we have any additional encounters with the suspect."


    [Update, 6:30 p.m.] Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis says law enforcement have shot and killed a man who fired a gun at deputies on Tuesday afternoon.

    No law enforcement was injured in the confrontation, Sheriff Lewis says.

    The incident happened off Waterfowl Lane near the town of Huger, authorities say. The initial location was reported as United Drive.


    [Original report] Several law enforcement and public safety agencies are responding to an active shooter situation Tuesday afternoon near the Berkeley County town of Huger.

    The location of the shooting incident is on United Drive, Berkeley County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Carli Drayton confirmed.

    Goose Creek Police confirm they have sent their SWAT unit to assist with the law enforcement response.

    Sources tell ABC News 4 numerous officers surrounded a house on United Drive in Berkeley County, where an armed man inside the house was firing shots.

    A video provided by a viewer Tuesday afternoon showed dozens of law enforcement vehicles with blue lights activated lined up along United Drive.

    ABC News 4's Brodie Hart observed an MUSC helicopter at the scene, and saw a gurney unloaded from chopper.

    Neighbors tell ABC News 4's Kate Mosso that the active shooter situation started as a conflict between neighbors.

    Berkeley County public school officials say students from Philip Simmons High School riding a bus home have been taken back to the school because of law enforcement activity in the area. The district is arranging alternate rides home for the children, spokesman Katie Tanner says.

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