Bond denied for woman accused of leaving a man to die in Hampton Park

Neslyn Berroa (WCIV).JPG

Bond was denied today for a 19 year old Neslyn Berroa.

She is facing attempted murder and armed robbery charges.

According to the police affidavit, Neslyn Berroa arranged a meeting with 19 year old KeJuan Mills at Hampton Park on Friday.

Mills father, Anthony Mills, says the two met online earlier this year and were involved with each other.

Nearly ten minutes later two masked men with a gun showed up to rob Mills.

Police say Mills was shot in the neck, and the men stole his wallet, cell phone and car keys.

But they weren’t done , because according to the affidavit, the men dragged Mills and left him for dead.

Mills pretended to be dead and when he heard his car drive off, he ran for help once they left.

Today we talked to Anthony Mills, KeJuan’s father.

He says KeJuan is hooked up to machines and can't talk.

His injuries may also put his career in jeopardy seeing as Mills is in the Navy Nuclear Training Program

His supervisor Aaron Novitski was in bond court today and told the judge, “ on a professional level, depending on how he recovers he may not have a career in the Navy if he can no longer provide the services to us.”

Anthony Mills was also in court, pleading with the judge to keep Berroa in jail.

His pleas were heard, and the judge denied bond.

So far she is the only person charged.

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