Military Magnet teacher on leave after altercation with student

Military Magnet teacher on leave after altercation with student (FILE )

The Charleston County School District is investigating an altercation at the Military Magnet Academy between a staff member and a cadet.

According to the North Charleston Police report, a student had a jacket over his head because he was embarrassed by a new haircut.

Police say a teacher, Tiffany E. Williams, told the student to remove the jacket because it wasn't school issued, but the student refused.

The report says the altercation took a physical turn when the student then tried to walk past Williams to enter the classroom.

Williams allegedly became irate and pushed the student, apparently telling him he should be three feet away from her at all time, police say.

Williams asked the student again to remove the jacket, police say, but the student refused, so Williams snatched the jacket off the boy's head from behind after he'd walked past her.

The student then turned around and pushed Williams out of his way to try leaving the classroom, according to police. Williams then grabbed the student by the collar, making him lose balance and nearly fall.

According to the police report, the student regained his balance and went towards the teacher, but other students who were around stopped him from going after her.

According to CCSD, Williams has been put on administrative leave.

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