WATCH: Dash camera video captures high-speed police chase through Charleston

High Speed Chase Nearly Leads to Wreck on Savannah Hwy. (Leslie Peach)

A Charleston woman on Thursday captured on her personal dash camera video a high speed chase involving Charleston County Sheriff's Office deputies, which nearly resulted in a potentially horrific wreck.

Video captured by Leslie Peach Thursday night shows someone in a truck running from deputies nearly t-bone another vehicle on Savannah Highway while running a red light.

Capt. Roger Antonio, spokesman for the sheriff's office, said Monday that deputies abandoned the chase after a short time because of the dangers it was creating,

Capt. Antonio says a deputy attempted to stop the driver of the truck after discovering the license plate on the pickup was stolen from another vehicle.

Despite abandoning the chase, Capt. Antonio says deputies later located and arrested the suspect.

ABC News 4 is awaiting more information from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office about what happened.

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