Day 3 in Kenneth Lamont Robinson murder trial, will resume on Tuesday

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Day three in the murder trial of Kenneth Lamont Robinson ended unexpectedly Thursday after one of the defense attorneys suddenly became ill. There are still at least three witnesses who need to testify before closing arguments can begin. The trial will resume on Tuesday.

Robinson is on trial for the death of Kadena Brown, a mother of three shot to death on May 10, 2015—Mother's Day. He's charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder.

Officials say Brown was caught in the crossfire of gang warfare, which was supported by witness testimony on Thursday.

Keon Anderson and Richard Simmons shuffled in the courtroom wearing jumpsuits and shackles. Both testified they were in the car with Robinson, chasing after a Chrysler 300, and exchanged gunfire on Dorchester Road. Two other vehicles aided in the chase, which was visually mapped out for jurors.

Both men said they were shot at earlier in the night and were out to get the person or persons responsible,

At some point, they lost sight of the Chrysler, but not long after, they said they caught up to the car, only to learn it wasn't the same car they were after, Brown was the driver inside this car.

Anderson said he and Robinson told Simmons it was the wrong car, but he fired anyway, emptying his clip.

During cross-examination, one of the defense attorneys asked Simmons "You wanted to know what? Who tried to kill you? If you wanted to know who tried to kill you, wouldn't you have looked in the car to see if it was the wrong car before you tried to kill the person?"

Simmons replied, "I mean, you can't see through tinted windows."

The defense then said, "So, it wasn't about seeing who was in the car, it was about getting back at somebody? Right? You couldn't, you're telling us right now you couldn't even see in the car and you still shot? Why did you do that?"

Simmons replied, "They looked the same."

Robinson is not the one who fired the fatal shot. Last month, Simmons pleaded guilty to being the shooter, although he has not yet been sentenced. Prosecutors kept reiterating the phrase "the hand of one is the hand of all" which is a legal theory justifying Robinson's murder charge.

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