Family reeling after mother, then father killed by gun violence

Family reeling after mother, then father killed by gun violence

The Harrison family is dealing with more pain and suffering than most people can imagine.

Their ordeal started last year with a senseless shooting, and before their heartache could ease, another act of violence tore through their hearts.

In April 2015, Lynn Harrison was shot to death inside her car. She was driving to meet her son for lunch in Summerville when police say a man fired a gun as she sat at a stop light.

Harrison's husband, Mark, fought to keep his wife's accused killer behind bars until his trial.

Then, less than two weeks ago, Berkeley County Sheriff's deputies say Mark Harrison was shot to death with two others at a house in Moncks Corner.

Harrison's daughter says her father was just beginning to accept his wife's death.

"We've racked our brains trying to put it to words and you just can't...." said Shanna Groves.

Groves has a tough time understanding why both her parents were murdered within a year and a half of each other.

"We are still trying to recover from my Mom's murder back on April 2 last year. And to be going through it again, its indescribable honestly," she said.

Less than two years ago, Mark Harrison was enraged in a courtroom, screaming at the man accused of killing his wife.

"I was in Vietnam. I came back. And I don't go around shooting people's wives! Sir. Hear me?" Harrison said during the bond hearing.

His daughter says her father never rebounded.

"He never fully recovered. I don't think he ever would have," she said.

he and his family followed court proceedings for the murder suspect while grieving for the woman they loved.

"You get closure. But you don't get complete closure for awhile. I think time will heal us," Mark Harrison said last year.

Despite the heartache, Groves says her father was just beginning to move forward with his life. But it ended on a day he cherished.

"October 7 was their 32nd wedding anniversary. And for him to go on that day is fitting. You know God could've picked any day of the year for him to go. He picked the perfect one," she said.

Harrison's funeral was last Saturday. Groves says she will continue her dad's quest for justice.

She plans to attend the murder trial next year of the man accused of killing her mother.

Robert Nolen has been charged with murder in the death of three men in Moncks Corner. He's also charged with attempted murder after shooting at a fourth.

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