Chief on Elsa breaking no-freeze promise: 'You would expect her' to keep her word

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) -- With more bitter cold heading to the Lowcountry this week, Hanahan police officers tried to do their part to stop the encroaching weather by arresting the Snow Queen.

Police Chief Mike Cochran and Officer Flor Reyes made the arrest.

Cochran said police learned through a tipster that Elsa was in town and officers were watching for her because of a warrant for her arrest out of Kentucky. Then Elsa allegedly tried to freeze up one of Hanahan's fountains.

"She was trying to freeze our fountain again. That causes some issues," Cochran said.

In this case, police could not let her go after spotting her. She was taken to a special Sunday bond court hearing because of her celebrity stature.

"Because of who she is, the judge was courteous and give her community service with the understanding that she wasn't going to do it again," Cochran said.

Triumphantly, the Snow Queen walked out of court. But now the hunt for the Snow Queen is on again after Tuesday's foul weather.

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Hanahan police link the freezing rain to her.

"Obviously, if you see the weather out there today she has not kept her word. You would expect someone as famous as Elsa to be honorable about this, but it hasn't worked out that way," he said.

However, Elsa says this was just a misunderstanding. She says she came for the city's seafood and thought it would be fun to add some winter magic.

"I went to Hanahan and was starting to refreeze the fountain because it looked so beautiful frozen, and then the police came and told me I probably shouldn't be doing that," she said.

Elsa said she pleaded her case in bond court, saying residents of the Lowcountry aren't used to ice magic.

"It was basically just a big misunderstanding," she said. "And I told the judge he should just -- let me go!"

She says Tuesday's cold weather was not her doing, adding it's probably best Hanahan police take a look at Jack Frost.


The event was set up by Glass Slipper Productions, a local event planning company that provides princesses for parties.Julie Calafiore, who works at Glass Slipper Productions, said they thought it would be a fun thing to recreate in the Lowcountry after seeing a Kentucky police department's warrant for Elsa.Calafiore said the photo shoot was put together in a matter of minutes and, as of 11 a.m., had been shared nearly 500 times.The actress is Courtney Fazley, of West Ashley, and the photographer was Tammy Sakalas of Sakalas Photography.

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