Jury selection in Michael Slager's federal trial will happen in Columbia

File (WCIV)

A court order filed Monday has established a date and location for jury selection in Michael Slager's federal trial.

US District Judge David C. Norton signed the order setting jury selection in Columbia on May 9th. The trial is expected to begin on May 15th in Charleston.

The former North Charleston police officer is charged in the shooting death of Walter Scott. Slager shot Scott after a traffic stop in North Charleston in 2015.

Last week, Slager's lawyers made an attempt to get certain evidence thrown out. They hope a federal judge will limit statements Slager gave investigators. They argue authorities lied about the video of the killing. The same lawyers are also asking the video itself not be shown to jurors.

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Slager's state trial ended with a mistrial in December. Jurors deliberated for hours and were unable to reach a unanimous decision.

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