Woman files lawsuit against Sen. Paul Campbell after DUI arrest

Sen Paul Campbell DUI Arrest (SCHP)

(WCIV) -- The threat of a lawsuit last week against Sen. Paul Campbell has become a reality. Court records show the lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman accusing the state senator and his wife of switching seats after a crash on I-26, was filed on Friday.

Earlier in the week, Michaela Caddin read a statement to reporters at the office of her attorney, Matthew Yelverton. She said she would stand by her story that Campbell was driving. It was a story that led officers with the South Carolina Highway Patrol to arrest the lawmaker and charge him with DUI.

“I saw the man who was driving get out from behind the steering wheel and walk around to the back of his car. My lights were shining right on him,” the 21-year-old said last week. “The woman in the passenger’s seat got out and walked around behind her car, through my headlights and towards the driver’s side door. I then saw the woman get into the driver’s seat.”

Campbell has argued he wasn't driving from the time officers showed up at the scene of the crash. After making bail the following morning and being released from the Al Cannon Detention Center, he said, "it will all come out in court." The senator has also argued he didn't believe he was "DUI" and said the breathalyzer that measured him to have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit is easy to beat.

Yelverton argues as Campbell has firmly claimed he wasn't behind the wheel, Caddin's integrity has been called into question. Campbell smiled in bond court as Caddin's mother said the situation could have been much worse than it was.

"This young lady has been drawn into a controversy she did not create. She didn't ask to be hit by a drunk driver. Her integrity has been called into question. She has been forced to file this lawsuit to restore her good name. I intend to do just that with the subpoena power and other investigative tools that filing this lawsuit gives me," the attorney said in a statement sent to ABC News 4.

The lawsuit describes Sen. Campbell as negligent, careless and reckless. It seeks damages to cover the cost of repairs to Caddin's vehicle, injuries to her body, pain and discomfort as a result of injuries and medical bills.

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