Man in house shoes held Walgreens employee at gunpoint and stole drugs, police say

This surveillance photo provided by the Summerville Police Department shows the suspect in the lower left corner. 

Employees of the Walgreens on North Main Street in Summerville said they thought a man who jumped the counter at the pharmacy was joking -- until they saw the gun.

Maybe they thought it was a joke because the suspect was wearing house shoes. According to an incident report, those house shoes were found in the parking lot and taken into evidence by investigators.

In addition to house shoes, surveillance images show the man was wearing a green shirt, black hat and blue jeans. He's believed to be about 5-foot-8.

According to the report, the man jumped the counter and asked for Percocet and Dolotin. He had a small gun in his hand, and after requesting the drugs, he got behind a store employee and demanded she take him to the drug safe.

Police say the suspect held open a green Walgreen's bag as the pharmacy worker dropped in pills. The report states the suspect then told her to lay down and count to 100 as he fled from the store.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Summerville Police Department.

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