Eclipse burglary at Lincolnville home lands man in jail

Travis Ober (Al Cannon Detention Center)

A burglary during the eclipse! It happened to a homeowner in Lincolnville. Moments before witnessing the total solar eclipse, Michael Dominguez rushed home to his 14-year-old daughter.

“I get a phone call from my daughter that the alarm is going off, and he came out of my room with a safe and the XBOX and different things in his hands. I could hear him in the background screaming ‘Turn the alarm off, Turn the alarm off’,” said Dominguez.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said the man was Travis Ober. Ober was living at the Lincolnville home, but was kicked out several days before the incident.

Dominguez said Ober burglarized his home three times in three days.

“Even after he got everything and said he wasn’t coming back, he came back to our house several days and robbed us over and over until he was finally caught,” Dominguez said.

In the days leading up to his arrest, Dominguez warned the neighborhood with a Facebook post, where others shared similar stories about the suspect.

“(The post had) about 300 dislikes, about 300 comments and about 2,200 shares,” he said. “(People said) that he had robbed their houses, that he had stolen their Christmas presents, he had broken into their vehicles.”

He took the post down Thursday because he said the conversation was turning too negative. He thanked the community for helping resolve the situation.

“I’m hoping the community could learn something from this, find out there’s a lot of good with social media and we can all come together,” Dominguez said. “We’re Charleston strong and we need to all work together when we have thieves in our neighborhood.”

Ober was arrested in Summerville, charged with second degree burglary. He was issued a $25,000 surety bond Wednesday, but his behavior did not sit well with the judge. Ober spoke out of turn several times. The interruptions landed him 30 extra days in jail and a contempt of court charge.

Dominguez doesn’t expect to see the hundreds of dollars taken from his home, but officials were able to recover many of his stolen belongings.

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