Matthew Fischer pleads guilty to manslaughter in deadly Mount Pleasant fight over girl

Matthew Fischer took the stand Wednesday and said while he may have said he wanted to kill Luke Cavanaugh, he never meant it. (WCIV)

A Mount Pleasant teenager charged with murdering another teen in a 2015 fight over a girl pleaded guilty Tuesday to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson confirms Matthew Fischer is set to be sentenced the week of November 27 and remains on bond, pending sentencing.

Fischer was charged in the stabbing death of Sullivan's Island teen Luke Cavanaugh. Fischer and Cavanaugh were students at Wando High School at the time. Police reports show the fight happened after an exchange of messages on Snapchat.

Fischer claimed it was self-defense, saying Cavanaugh showed up at his girlfriend Natalie Brown's home and ran straight at him, attacking him. Prosecutors argued otherwise. Attorney Jennifer Kneece Shealy read one of the Snapchat messages aloud in court in March, showing Fischer had already threatened to kill Cavanaugh.

Fischer hung his head and cried that day as Shealy repeated the message, which read, "F*** him, I'll slice him up. He doesn't know me, doesn't f*****g get to say that to my face. He f****d up, and if he talks to you again, he's gonna get it. And I'll kill him, eventually."

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"I didn't mean to kill him," Fischer said in the same March hearing. "I just needed to keep him off of me. He had me in a chokehold."

Prosecutors have refrained from speaking in specifics about the case to ABC News 4 about the case at this time. Defense attorney Andy Savage has also said its premature to speak about the case at this time.

However, in the March hearing, Savage said defending such a case involving young people is tough.

"It's a terrible thing," Savage said. "It's a tough thing legally for us to have to defend this thing, to have to hear the lifestyle of these children, but this is such a waste. I don't know how these things get out of hand but it did and someone lost their life and we're all real sorry about that."

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