NCPD arrests man believed to be connected to 2016 murder


North Charleston police responded to Magnolia Bay Apartments located at 10765 Hwy 78 in reference to trying to locate a wanted suspect.

Police knocked on an apartment’s door and when a male suspect made contact through the door they could smell a strong odor consistent with marijuana.

Officers arrested Brandon Grayer in accordance with policy.

When officers searched Grayer’s apartment they also found narcotics and a firearm.

Grayer is believed to be connected to a murder from last year in September.

Two other men, Randall Myers and Maurice Washington, were arrested last December in connection to the September murder.

Police say Grayer was arrested on murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, burglary by the first degree, and kidnapping .

Police did not specify Grayer’s burglary or kidnapping past, but ABC News 4 reached out to North Charleston police’s public information officer, Spencer Pryor for more details.

Details about the burglary and kidnapping will not be known as Pryor said he would need to get with investigators for more details.

For now, stick with ABC News 4 for more details as we receive them.

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