Man arrested for fatal shooting on Norman Street, victim identified

39-year-old Dominick Thrower has been arrested for the fatal shooting on Norman Street and Allway Street in downtown Charleston Friday night, according to Charleston Police.

The coroner says the victim, 51-year-old Johnny Robinson Jr., died on scene around 10:55 p.m.

Thrower is being charged with Murder and Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of Crime.

Thrower and the victim were involved in a verbal argument, according to police. Thrower claims the victim threatened to kill him and his father during the argument, police say. They say Thrower went to his apartment, "cocked his 44 magnum," and went back outside.

Police say Thrower proceed to shoot the victim in the head. Thrower approached responding officers and told them "I did it," according to police.

The victim was unarmed and did not make any threatening movements before the shooting, police say. The silver revolver believed to be the murder weapon was recovered from a nearby trash can, police say.

A witness that will be identified later told police she saw Thrower kill the victim.

Thrower is being held at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center.

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