Teen shot in stolen car in North Charleston "reached inside" for something, man tells cops

Derrick Grant (Provided)

Newly released police reports provide some additional insight into what led a man to shoot and kill a 15-year-old boy over a stolen car Wednesday in North Charleston.

Quadarrel Morton, 24, has been identified by police as the person who shot 15-year-old Derrick Grant outside a home along the 2500 block of Celestial Court in North Charleston Wednesday. Morton had come to Celestial Court in search of a vehicle stolen from him the night before, he told police.

Grant was found dead inside the stolen car, according to police. The Charleston County Coroner’s Office says Grant died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Morton's brother-in-law, who Morton said lives on Celestial Court, alerted Morton to the vehicle's location, he told police. Morton's girlfriend, who police say owns the stolen vehicle, also reportedly lives on Celestial Court, and witnessed the shooting, according to incident reports.

Police originally said Wednesday that a man who owned the vehicle shot Grant.

According to police, Morton reported the vehicle stolen from the Rivers Market at the corner of Rivers Avenue and Alton Street the night of Jan. 16. Morton said someone stole the vehicle after he left it running with the keys in the ignition while inside the store.

Police say Morton told them he saw the stolen 2013 Hyundai Sonata parked in the cul-de-sac at the end of Celestial Court when he arrived at the home.

According to police, Morton said he observed a black male come from an alley behind the cul-de-sac with keys in his hand, then head toward the vehicle, and “reach inside for something.”

No further details are currently available on what happened afterward that may have led to the shooting. Police say after being detained for questioning and read his Miranda rights, Morton refused to provide further information.

Police give no indication in their incident reports that any other weapons were found at the scene, besides a .40 caliber pistol Morton reportedly used to shoot Grant.

Police say Morton has not been arrested or charged with a crime in connection to the case, nor has anyone else. The incident remains under investigation.

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