Parents reported North Charleston student accused of bringing gun to school

Morningside Middle School, North Charleston (WCIV)

Parents of a North Charleston middle school student are the ones who alerted officials the child had a gun on campus Wednesday, leading to the arrests of three students.

According to North Charleston Police, a school resource officer at Morningside Middle School got word around 11 a.m. Wednesday from worried parents that their son may have a gun at school.

Police say the child’s step-father told the SRO the child had likely taken a gun out of his car while getting a coat and hat out of the trunk that morning before school.

Once the mother and father noticed the gun was missing later in the morning, police say they came to the school to question the child and two friends who’d rode in his mother’s car to school that morning.

All three children denied having or taking the gun, and said they didn’t know where it was, according to police. The parents then took the child home, and the SRO began questioning more students about the gun.

Police say a student eventually fessed up to knowing where the gun was, and took the officer to where it was stashed in some bushes in one of the school’s courtyards.

After confirming with the father that the gun was his, police say the SRO went to the family’s home and arrested the child.

According to officers, the boy said he brought the gun to school because he was mad at another student who’d taken $45 from him.

Police say the child told them he handed off the gun to another student in a bathroom when he found out his parents had come to the school.

Surveillance video shows that second student gave the gun to a third child, who then hid it in the bushes, police say.

All three students were charged with possession of a weapon on school property and possession of a gun by a person under 21 years old.

The incident happened on the same day as school walkouts at schools nationwide that were in part to protest gun violence and advocate for gun law reform.

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