Orangeburg man charged with murder stemming from argument, says sheriff

    Kendalon Curry (Orangeburg county Sheriff's Office)

    A 25-year-old man has been charged with murder for the death in a 35-year-old man on in the early morning hours on March 2 at a residence-turned-nightclub on Carver Edistro School Road in Cordova.

    Kendalon Curry, of Michael Street, was formally charged during a hearing Wednesday.

    “This incident apparently originated in some type of argument that resulted in this unnecessary act,” said Orangeburg Sheriff Leroy Ravenell. “No argument in the world is worth someone losing their life over.”

    Curry was taken into custody on Tuesday after investigators determined he was responsible for the shooting death.

    Investigators were called out around 4 a.m. March 2 after witnesses at a residence that was converted into a nightclub reported multiple shots being fired, according to the sheriff's office.

    As investigators arrived, witnesses flagged them down to direct deputies to the victim, who was lying face up with an apparent wound to the upper body, according to the sheriff office.

    Witnesses told investigators a man had exited a vehicle and began firing at the crowded club.

    Shots struck the building and a victim was found on the ground.

    Curry remains behind bars, the sheriff states.

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