Owners want action after Park Circle burglaries

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Park Circle is the place to go in North Charleston and business owners want to keep it that way. But they say they're seeing an increase in petty crime and want police to step in.

ABC News 4 spoke with business owners and managers at three restaurants in Park Circle.

They say break-ins started increasing a few months ago. Some owners describe the crooks as bold, young or desperate.

Someone broke into the The Olde Village Market and Deli nearly two weeks ago.

Owner Lynn Sikora said," These are people who need quick cash, things they can take and sell on the street, easy to move"

Lynn said it was the second time her deli had been broken into since November.

“It’s been relatively quiet around here, a little bit here and there. But nothing like the way we have been seeing lately,” says Lynn.

Down the street from the deli is YoBo. In December,the owner says there were four car break-ins.

And last year he said a thief broke in while they were open.

"They broke into the walk-in taking a six pack and running off. That is pretty bold when there is full staff and customers coming and going," said Owner Nick Powers.

Nick said some people causing problems are high school aged teens, hanging out near his restaurant instead of school.

Powers said, “Doing stories like this, gets the awareness out to the mayor and police chief and school board and people who can make the changes to the area and that is what is important”.

We also talked to Michael the General Manage at DIG.

He also wants action to be taken after he says T.V.'s were stolen from his restaurant last November.

Michael said, “The street is doing well. We do not want crime in the neighborhood a police presence would help out a lot.”

These businesses tell ABC News 4 they want extra police patrols in the park circle area to help reduce the amount of petty crimes before it becomes a bigger problem.

Late this morning, ABC News 4 heard from North Charleston police.

They said there have been three business burglaries in Park Circle this January and there was an arrest made for the deli break in.

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