WATCH: Sen. Paul Campbell DUI arrest dash camera video reveals new details from arrest

Sen Paul Campbell DUI Arrest (SCHP)

Newly released Highway Patrol dash camera video showing the arrest of S.C. Senator Paul Campbell for suspected drunken driving doesn’t add much clarity to a murky “He said, She said” case.

In the video released Wednesday, both Sen. Campbell and his wife are adamant when speaking to State Troopers that the senator was not driving Saturday night when Highway Patrol says he rear-ended a woman near mile-marker 204 in the westbound lanes of Interstate 26.

“Vicky got out, I got out, I said ‘Get back in the car, I’m going to check on the lady,’” Campbell told the state trooper, claiming he walked around to the driver’s side of his vehicle from the passenger’s side to make sure his wife stayed in their SUV.

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However, Michaela Caddin, the victim in the wreck, is equally adamant to Highway Patrol that she watched Sen. Campbell get out of the driver’s seat and swap places with his wife immediately after the collision, the video shows.

“I saw him get out of the front driver’s seat, and swap with his wife,” Caddin tells troopers. “Then he comes to me, to check on me, and hands me his business card. He’s a senator.”

The senator’s wife, Vicky, told Highway Patrol she thinks Caddin was simply confused.

“(Paul) got out to see what her damage was,” Vicky Campbell told troopers. “I got out to see what our damage was. I had on black. Perhaps she was confused. That’s all I can say.”

Sen. Campbell appears to contradict himself and his wife later during questioning, saying that she didn't get out of the vehicle to check damage.

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While sitting inside the trooper’s patrol vehicle following his arrest, Campbell repeatedly insisted he was not driving drunk.

“I don’t think I’m DUI, but do what you need to do,” Campbell said, sitting in the front seat of the patrol car, with his hands behind his back.

The trooper countered by asking Campbell why he had found keys to the vehicle in the senator’s front pocket.

“(Vicky’s) got a key in her purse, too,” the senator said, explaining that their 2017 Mercedes SUV had a keyless start feature. “All you’ve got to do is have a key close.”

Dash camera video shows that troopers did not find the keys in Campbell’s pocket until after he’d been arrested and placed in handcuffs.

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Sen. Campbell and his wife were returning home to Goose Creek from watching the Clemson vs. North Carolina State football game at the Charleston City Marina, they explained. The senator told troopers he had not driven since they were on the way to the viewing party.

When he was first being questioned, the video shows Campbell telling state troopers his wife said after they left the party she should drive if he was going to be on the phone.

“We were (inaudible) up the road,” Campbell said. “I’m on the phone. My wife says, ‘If you’re going to be on the phone, let me drive the car.’ I said, ‘Drive the car.’ So, I got in the car, and we came up here, and she bumped somebody.”

Both the Campbell’s were given field sobriety tests following the wreck.

The senator is recorded in the video telling a state trooper he believed his blood-alcohol level was a “.03-.04.” Campbell's Breathalyzer test at the Charleston County Detention Center later showed his BAC to be .09, Highway Patrol said in it's official report on the arrest.

  • (NOTE: the official Highway Patrol incident report provided earlier quoted Campbell as saying he believed his blood alcohol level to be “.03 or .05,” not .03 or .04 as he says in the video).

Vicky Campbell told troopers she’d had two glasses of wine over the course of several hours.

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Ultimately, the video doesn’t provide clear insight into how troopers concluded Sen. Campbell was driving, leading to his arrest on charges of driving under the influence and providing false information to law enforcement. His wife was also charged with providing false information.

After being placed into the patrol car, Sen. Campbell is recorded making promises to change legislation.

“I’m going to stop this s---,” the senator said while alone in the vehicle. “I’m going to get some legislation put together and stop this s---.”

“I hope y’all are watching right now,” the senator added later. “I’m going to change this damn thing. I’m going to change the law on this s---. This is bull----. I’m not DUI. I wasn’t driving the car anyway. Vicky was driving the car.”

Sen. Campbell went on to say the state’s Breathalyzer system is easy to beat in court, and that the state needs a better system than what it has now.

"This may cost me my job," the senator and executive director of the Charleston County Aviation Authority told a trooper later.

Sen. Campbell repeatedly complained about pain being caused by the handcuffs after being placed under arrest. A trooper explained to the senator that’s simply law enforcement policy,

Campbell said, “I’m going to change that policy. You can bet your sweet ass I’m going to change that policy.”

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