Downtown plant thief caught on camera uprooting bushes

A plant thief caught on camera. (WCIV)

Another downtown plant thief strikes again. Two months ago, neighbors in the Wagener Terrace area discovered dozens of potted plants were missing. But this time, the thief is taking the whole plant—root and all.

The latest incident happened Saturday outside a business on Oswego Street. Surveillance video recorded the suspect walk up to the property, uproot two boxwood bushes and walk off.

The business owner asked to remain anonymous. He said his business is new to the area but this isn't the first time it's happened. He noticed uprooted plants in early January.

"This is the fifth time," he said. "I don't understand what's happening, I don’t understand why this person is doing it."

Neighbors like Chris Boone find the situation bizarre. Boone lives down the street from the business.

"I think it's crazy," Boone said. "I almost think it's personal, but it looks like somebody's really got a thing for plants."

Boone, a local musician planted his own roots in the neighborhood about five years ago. He said growth and change in the area has led to an increase in theft.

"People are now remodeling their homes and people are starting to see things like their plants disappear and some packages in front of homes," said Boone.

This time around, the business owner reported Saturday's incident to the Charleston Police Department. He said it's not about the plants and it's not about the money, he just wants it to stop.

It's hard to make out who it is on the video, the suspect's face was turned away from camera and covered with a hoodie.

"It's probably up to $700 to $800 in plants so I'd like it to stop," he said.

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