Police: Man shot after altercation near Georgetown Walmart

Police: Man shot after altercation near Georgetown Walmart

A man was transported to MUSC early Friday morning after a shooting near the Georgetown Walmart.

Captain Nelson Brown with the Georgetown Police Department says a man was shot after an altercation at a Sunoco gas station across the street. He said despite previous reports that the shooting happened at the Walmart, the altercation and shooting happened elsewhere.

The victim made his way to the Walmart parking lot after the shooting, Capt. Brown said. It's believed the injured man then drove to Georgetown Memorial Hospital before being taken to MUSC.

Officials say two shots were fired at the man's car, with one of those rounds hitting the victim. It's not believed the man's injuries are life-threatening.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Georgetown Police Department at 843-545-4300.

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