Report: Gun found in student's bookbag at Stratford High School

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police found a semiautomatic handgun in a student's bookbag Tuesday at Stratford High School.

According to an incident report, officers responded to a classroom after getting information that a student had a gun in his pink Nike bookbag. After taking the student out of class and to the principal's office, they checked his bag where they found a 9-millimeter Ruger P94DC and 11 bullets.

Officials said the gun had one round in the chamber and multiple rounds in a magazine (in the same book bag) that was not inserted in the gun.

The student was arrested.

During questioning, the student said he got the gun from a friend named DJ at the Exxon Gas Station on Ashley Phosphate Road. The student said his friend gave him the gun because he had been getting threats on social media from another person.

The report states the boy did not plan to use the gun at school but wanted it for protection as he walked to a nearby fast food restaurant to get a ride home.

The boy was charged with carrying firearms on school property, possession of a pistol, and disturbing school. The case is being forwarded on to the Berkeley County Family Court, the report notes.

When the boy's mother arrived at school, she took custody of him promised to make sure he showed up at court. He was also given a trespass notice to stay off school property.

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