Security officer accidentally fires gun at Seacoast Church's Mount Pleasant campus

    (Credit: Rex_Wholster)

    Mount Pleasant Police Department says a volunteer security member accidentally fired a gun at the Mount Pleasant Campus of Seacoast Church on Sunday afternoon. Church officials say no services or events were going on.

    The volunteer told officers he was in a second floor classroom doing additional training, and had placed his unloaded H&K 9mm handgun on the window sill with the slide back.

    After completing training, he says he loaded the magazine and closed the slide. The volunteer said he typically does not carry his weapon with a round in the chamber.

    He told officers he normally puts the magazine in the gun with the slide closes, and conducts a dry fire by pulling a trigger.

    However, because the slide was open, a bullet loaded into the chamber. The volunteer says he then pointed the gun at the ground and fired.

    Officers say the church floor is concrete, and also say the bullet did not penetrate the carpet.

    The security officer is licensed with SLED to carry a weapon on Seacoast Church's property.

    No injuries were reported.

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