Sword and Hammer-wielding woman found guilty of criminal domestic violence

The hammer and sword Katherine Seabrook came at her boyfriend with (Courtesy: 9th Judicial Circuit Solicitor's Office's facebook)

A hammer and sword-wielding West Ashley woman has been convicted of Criminal Domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. According to court documents, 25-year-old Katherine Seabrook wasn't actually in attendance for the verdict. Her sentence will be sealed until she either appears in court is apprehended.

Charleston police say on May 31, 2015, they got a call from Seabrook. She had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend that escalated. She began destroying his things before coming after him with multiple weapons. These included a spiked war-hammer and a Japanese Katana sword that belonged to her boyfriend. According to police, the victim avoided the weapons but Seabrook threatened to "ruin his life" by falsely telling police that he had abused her.

Her boyfriend was able to record the incident. Court documents show that direct quotes from Seabrook were played for the jury. She could be heard saying, "I am going to lie on you. I am."

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson encouraged all victims of domestic abuse to come forward. "Though most of our domestic violence victims are women, men can be attacked and victimized, as well. It is important for any victim of abuse to work with law enforcement and with us so that we can investigate and prosecute domestic abusers."

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