Dismissal denied: West Ashley man will be tried for fatal shooting, robbery

Charles Edward Mungin, III is charged with murder for the death of Patrick Moffly (CCSO Det. Center)

Attorneys for a 21-year-old West Ashley man were in court Thursday. Their client is charged with the shooting death of Patrick Moffly in downtown Charleston on March 4.

Charleston police arrested Charles Edward Mungin III and charged him with murder.

Jason Mikell, Mungin's attorney, asked the judge to dismiss the case saying there's no concrete testimony putting Mungin at the scene.

The judge denied dismissal after the prosecutor pointed out an "avalanche of circumstantial evidence" putting Mungin at the crime scene at the time of the shooting.

Mungin was initially stopped and arrested on a narcotics charge, but a murder warrant generated 13 days after the shooting.

In court, a detective said surveillance video and cell records indicated Mungin was involved in the drug related robbery and shooting death of Moffly.

The detective also said Xanax pills found at the crime scene matched pills found in Mungin's car.

According to police, Mungin went to Moffly's Smith Street home to buy drugs, but a fight started and Mungin shot Moffly.

Moffly died a short time later at Medical University Hospital.

Five months after the shooting, Patrick Moffley's family is ready for closure.

"I miss him every single day," his sister Bridget said. "I think about him all the time. I see his friends everywhere."

The detective said witnesses have not identified Mungin specifically as the person who pulled the trigger.

Police have not yet identified the two other suspects present at crime scene, seen leaving in Mungin's car.

We will update this story when more information becomes available.

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