DD2 and Berkeley Co. Teachers of the Year prepare for new school year

Back to School 2018 (ABC News 4)

Jennifer Plane shows how she's organizing her eleventh and twelfth grade classroom at Summerville High School, "We have tables set up this way so that they have cooperative learning opportunities."

The Head of the English Department and Dorchester County School District 2 (DD2) Teacher of the Year takes inventory of her supplies and strategies for a successful school year.

"Positive attitude. I believe that the beginning of the year is a refresh button chance that we can just start all over again. And maybe try some techniques that maybe didn't work last year. We can try them this year."

Plane believes textbooks and other literary materiel are only one key to a quality education for her young Green Wave family.

From Summerville Green Wave territory to Cane Bay Cobra country, Berkeley County's Teacher of the Year has his own philosophy for making sure he and his students have a successful year.

Nick Synder is also recognized for his efforts in education. As a top five finalist for statewide teacher of the year, Synder says he's continually researching new ways to improve his skills.

"One book in particular talks about four C's: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking. So I'm trying to really develop my classroom to build around those concepts."

Much like the literary classics he teaches, Snyder believes quality educators stand the test of time, "This is one of the most important professions on the face of the planet I believe."

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