Dorchester Co. School District 2 approves new measures for investigating threats


    The Dorchester County School District 2 (DD2) has approved a new measure aimed at investigating threats of violence, and providing an extra level of protection.

    It's called a threat assessment policy, and it could set the standard for schools across the country.

    DD2 leads say it'll create teams if principals, mental health counselors, school resource officers, and others in all 25 schools.

    Those teams will be responsible for investigating written or verbal threats made by students.

    District leaders including Assistant Superintendent Julie Kornahrens says the new policy will create a faster way to assess risks, and allow school officials to respond quicker.

    "This will give us the shell of it in order the start the process so that we can then bring our administrative teams together to further outline the nuts and bolts of if A happens, then B comes next."

    The School District's safety and security task for recommended the policy, which takes effect immediately.

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