Smooth start as Dorchester District 2 heads back to school, despite first-day bus delays

DD2 Back to School (WCIV)

Dorchester District 2 students are saying goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year. Nearly 25,000 kids returned to classrooms in schools around the district Monday.

Celebrations rang out all across Dorchester County this morning for the first day of school.

Traffic was heavy, but that's nothing new. Avoiding that traffic, though, led to a family tradition for a mom and her four sons.

"We have a great tradition every year of walking our boys in," says Ashley Wimberly, whose four boys attend Flowertown Elementary.

"We got to do lots of fun stuff. "We learned all the new people in our class," Wimberly’s kids say.

The district says buses also ran smoothly for the most part, only falling a few minutes behind schedule. District officials say that's expected early in the year.

New students are expected in all 25 schools in the district, but a DD2 spokesperson says the growth shouldn't impact them negatively.

Three new elementary schools were built in 2016, new classroom wings were added to Oakbrook elementary and middle school, and Summerville High has a new Career and Technology Education facility. They’re all expected to help with overcrowding.

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