Beach wheelchairs available at Folly Beach


A brand new ROLLEEZ-4 PVC beach wheelchair has been donated to the City of Folly Beach and is available for citizens and visitors.

The new design of the wheelchair gives easy access to the beach for those who are handicapped or disabled.

Melissa Carr, the General Manager of Folly's Best Rentals, said the wheelchair is the company's first step in helping everyone enjoy Folly Beach.

"For us we think that having beach access for everyone is ultimately the goal for every location on folly beach," Carr said. "We want for everyone to be able to get from point A to point B, and to be able to enjoy this beautiful island that we love so much."

Matt Schroeder, Acting Captain at Folly Beach Fire Department, said the wheelchairs are easy to use on the beach.

"The wide tires it makes it really easy in the sand. Someone could place two fingers on it and push it because of the displacement of the sand, verses the standard wheelchair tires that just dig in and don't go anywhere," Schroeder said.

The newest design of the ROLLEZ-4 PVC beach wheelchair includes a built-in umbrella to help keep cool.

The chairs are available all year long, and are free to rent , but must be reserved.

Carr said the company is now looking for other ways to make the beach more handicap accessible.

"We're looking at trying to get involved with some handicapped wheelchair mats, so that people who don't have the access that don't have the walk overs with the ramps, so that they can get through the soft sand and get down to the beach and enjoy it," Carr said.

For information about renting a beach accessible wheelchair and which beach access points are accessible, contact 843-588-2433.

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