CCSD board members pushing for better substitute teacher pay

CCSD board members pushing for better substitute teacher pay

More money for substitute teachers -- that's the plan being talked about by members of the Charleston County School Board.

We first reported the problem of not enough substitutes weeks ago. Now, school leaders say they have an idea to fix it.

The problem, school officials say, is money. Administrators blame an improved job market and stagnant pay for fewer qualified people applying to be substitute teachers.

The idea to increase the daily pay rate was talked about during the school district's audit and finance committee meeting on Monday. If approved, pay would go up from $64 a day for inexperienced substitutes to $150 a day. Experienced substitute teachers would see an increase from $85 dollars a day to $265.

"The effort is to be able to bring in experienced teachers at their previous salary level for long-term subs," said Charleston County School Board member Tod Garrett. "And then for those on the lowest end to at least be getting $12.33 per hour."

Garrett argues money is available because the school district has $40 million in its reserve fund. He said revenue projects are also ahead of what was anticipated. Also, the outside company that handles the hiring of substitute teachers reduced its rate, allowing even more wiggle room.

In addition to raising the pay for substitutes, members of the school board are also looking to give principals in the district a one percent cost of living adjustment. The adjustment would be added to last year's one percent pay hike.

The school board is expected to make a decision on the proposals regarding pay at the next meeting on Monday, November 27.

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