CCSD substitute teachers will get pay increase


Charleston County School District board members voted to increase pay for substitute teachers starting next month.

Certified substitutes teachers will see an increase in pay from $80 per day to $112 per day. Subs without certification will see an increase from $64 per day to $100.

In addition, long-term subs will also see an increase in daily pay. Long-term certified teachers will earn $150 per day, and subs without certification will earn $112 per day.

School officials say the increase in substitute teacher pay will be funded by unfilled positions and a reduction in a fee from a staffing agency. For the 2018-19 school year, the increase in sub pay will be included in the general operating fund.

Earlier in the month CCSD administrators said stagnant pay was one reasons the district was short on substitute teachers.

The vote on sub pay was one of a handful of issues discussed Monday. Somewhat related, a vote on a bus lot at James Island Elementary failed because a board member left the meeting to attend another meeting about a potential pay increase for school board members.

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