Community rallies to save Mount Pleasant's last African American schoolhouse

Community rallies to save Mount Pleasant's last African American schoolhouse (WCIV)

Members of the Mount Pleasant community are working to protect the last African-American school still standing in the town, the Long Point Road Schoolhouse.

Former students have worried their history is disappearing after the original Laing Elementary School and Jennie Moore Middle School buildings in Mount Pleasant were demolished in recent years.

Both were historically black schools that were torn down and replaced by more modern businesses.

The Long Point Road schoolhouse, located at the Long Point Road-Interstate 526 interchange, may not look like much to most, but for Arthur Pinckney and Freddie Jenkins, it is their history.

That's why the two men have led a push to preserve the building in a new location, rather than see it too demolished.

The two men recently stopped by for a last look at the building before it is moved to the Snowden Community Civic Association’s property.

“We want to educate the younger kids about the struggles from 1865 until now,” said Jenkins, a Mount Pleasant native who’s mother attended the school.

The schoolhouse survived Hurricane Hugo, and he wants the black community’s history here to be just as stable, and permanent in the town of Mount Pleasant.

Pinckney attended the school himself. He said now is the time more than ever to make sure the four walls that helped mold him are protected.

“We know Boone Hall, Charles Pinkney. Who history is that? It’s not ours. I mean, we was here, but it doesn’t reflect what we did and all that we had to come through,” Pinkney said.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help pay for the relocation and renovation of the building. You can CLICK HERE if you'd like to contribute.

The schoolhouse will be relocated in March.

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