EB Ellington parents want teacher, principal fired over alleged mouth tape, other abuse

EB Ellington Elementary School (WCIV)

Parents of E.B. Ellington Elementary School students want the Charleston County School Board to fire the teacher accused of putting tape on a student’s mouth.

The incident happened Friday, Dec. 15, at E.B. Ellington Elementary in Ravenel, according to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.

Parents of students also claim that their children let them know that the teacher had been verbally abusive since the beginning of the year, often to the point of threatening students, and sometimes even throwing pencils at them.

And parents aren’t just calling on the teacher to get fired, they also want the principal fired.

Attorneys for the second grade students abused by their teachers, Mark A. Peper and David Aylor, released the following statement on behalf of the victims Friday:

The result of our investigation has revealed instances of multiple students being physically abused as a routine form of discipline by a second-grade teacher at E.B. Ellington Elementary School, including, but not limited to, pencils being thrown at students and their mouths being taped shut. Most disturbing, is that Principal Wanda Hughes had direct knowledge of these reoccurring acts from current and former teachers as early as the beginning of this school year, and failed to take any action against the teacher or notify the parents. Her recent attempt to pacify the parents of E.B. Ellington by simply placing the teacher on administrative leave is not good enough and we stand with our clients in demanding that the Charleston County School District immediately fire the teacher and relieve Principal Hughes of her duties. Our children deserve better

ABC News 4 has reached out to the accused teacher and left a message, but hasn't heard back.

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave, Charleston County School District officials say. She has not, however, been charged with a crime.

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