Flight simulators give Lowcountry college students chance to fly F-18, Cobra helicopter

Flight simulators at The Citadel (WCIV)

The Marine Corp held a recruiting event showcasing new flight simulators at The Citadel Thursday.

"We've had a tremendous response with this so far," said Captain Nicholas Fowler, Marine Officer Selection Officer. "This is a new platform that's come out within the last year."

Two $45,000 simulators were set up giving Lowcountry college students a chance to see what it's like to fly an F-18 fighter and a Cobra attack helicopter. Officers said the simulations were training tools and not as comprehensive as true flight simulators on which marine pilots are taught.

The Citadel currently has 15 cadets who will become Marine officers in May when they graduate through the ROTC program, officials said.

"Putting it on a college campus, giving these guys an opportunity to fly an F-18 or Cobra, is just something you're not going to see on the daily at a college campus," Fowler added.

Citadel officials said between five and ten active duty Marine study undergraduate programs at the military college every year. The simulations were available between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Thursday.

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