Fort Dorchester High School students band together to put a stop to bullying

Sevyn Martin and Kimberly Gordon (Provided)

The saying goes "Strong people stand up for themselves, but the strongest people stand up for others." With the snap of a picture, two students from Fort Dorchester High School have gone viral. Kimberly Gordon and Sevyn Martin are two peas in a pod. The seniors share a painful past.

"The one bully that kept on bullying me followed me from middle school to high school and refused to stop bullying me until this year," Gordon said.

Sevyn was once on the receiving end of meanness. "It was 7th grade, at middle school, kids were really cruel, they would say little mean things to me."

That left him in a world of sadness, "It's a feeling I know nobody else should be able to feel."

He knew when she sat down in class that day something was wrong with his friend. Kimberly said Sevyn has always been her confidant. "I felt bad that day and I trust him cause he's my ‘bestest’ friend and he'd understand if I showed him this." Gordon added.

He had a new mission during class, it was to turn her frown, upside down! "I just felt the need to reach out and help her."

Sevyn snapped a picture, wrote a post, and asked his Facebook friends to stop bullying. "Never knew in a million years that the post would go so viral and so many people around the world would reach out and relate to the story."

The post has been shared more than 144 thousand times, it has over 344 thousand likes, and comments galore! "It's so crazy that one post can make it all over the world."

The two hope their story will continue to inspire others and that people will think twice before being mean to the shy girl. "Oh, she talks to herself because she's trying to give herself courage to speak to another person."

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