Laing Middle School STEM educator teaches by connecting with her students

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    A simple “thank you for being my teacher”, “you’re my favorite” or “I learn so much from you” are the type of things said about Laing Middle School teacher, Jacqueline Healy and the reason she is this month’s Lowcountry STEM Educator of the month.

    The key to teaching students is fairly simple for Healy – find a connection. Healy says she tries to get know her students to incorporate their interests into her teaching. “By doing that, it just brings them into the class more,” Healy said.

    Healy credits her inspiration from a former science teacher and now she says she’s simply paying it forward. “It’s not where the teacher is just standing up front and telling you everything you should know,” Healy said.

    The seventh-grade science teacher says teaching is about posing a question and letting the kids ask more questions which can lead to answers on what they are interested in.

    Although Healy loves science, she is aware that not everyone likes it which is why she motivates students with different activities such as drawing a comic strip if they are into comics.

    The middle school teacher also wants her students to extend the knowledge they learn in class into the community.

    She said some students that go fishing finally realized what they were doing when they stand on the edge of the pond after they learned about ecosystems.

    Healy says she wants the kids to be good science citizens.


    ABC News 4 is teaming with the Lowcountry STEM Collaborative and business partner Panera to recognize STEM educators from the greater Charleston area making important contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. To nominate any educator who deserves recognition for their efforts in the STEM fields, or to learn more about the initiative, CLICK HERE.

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