Oceanside Collegiate, basketball coach Jermel President mutually part ways mid-season

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Parents of Oceanside Collegiate Academy students shared their worries and frustrations at a school meeting Tuesday night after Oceanside parted ways last week with Jermel President, former head basketball coach.

Despite the unusual timing in the middle of basketball season, both Oceanside officials and President say the split was mutual.

Neither the school nor President have given a specific reason, which has parents concerned.

President held a press conference Monday regarding his departure, but didn't delve deeply into details about the split.

President did say in the press conference that coaching wasn’t rewarding for him, but still said he was "surprised." President said he did not get a chance to say goodbye to the basketball players he had grown close to.

ABC News 4 emailed the school for answers when word of the separation reached the public, but did not hear back.

While at the school board meeting Tuesday evening to try getting answers, Oceanside principal Brenda Corley couldn't provide further insight as she made her way into the school building for the meeting. Watch the interaction below.

Mike D’Angelo is CEO of the Pinnacle Charter School Management Company, which supervises Oceanside. D'Angelo said as far as he knows, "it was a mutual agreement and it was in coach President’s best interest."

"That’s all I know,” said D'Angelo. Watch below for more.

After a closed executive session, board member Kira Purdue spoke about the situatuion, after Corley again could not answer questions about the separation.

Asked if the separation was in response to any inappropriate conduct by President during a recent team trip to Las Vegas, Purdue said "absolutely not."

Corley said they will begin a search for OCA's new head basketball coach next week.

Corley said that for the remainder of the season, football coach Chad Grier has agreed to step in and coach the basketball program through this transition. Brian Allenspach will be re-joining the basketball staff as an assistant coach, Corley said.

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