Sara Smith, Goose Creek High School - May STEM Educator of the Month

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Goose Creek High's School’s Sara Smith takes a hands-off approach to teaching, but her students are hands on, engaged and learning all about science, technology, engineering and math.

That’s why she’s been nominated as May’s STEM Educator of the Month.

“I'm super passionate about getting kids skills that they need to be successful, and I feel like I know, because I've had to be outside of school,” Smith says.

Working as a professional engineer, Smith says she knew her true calling was in teaching.

“I'm guiding their day to day activity and kind of helping them learn how to trouble shoot things when their prototypes don't work, and teaching them how to use software that they could actually use out in industry,” Smith said.

Students are assigned a random task, such as generating electricity from a stream of wastewater at a production facility. They split into groups and get to work.

“The leader will emerge and you'll have the one student that goes, OK we have to get this done,” Smith says. “That comes out of kids you wouldn't even expect would step up and be the leader.”

Smith is leading her students toward future STEM careers.

“I love having an impact on all my students, but when I can impact a young girl, young woman and show her that she has these mechanical abilities and these skills that she can use in a male dominated field, I love that,” Smith said.

Her students succeed, because she instills a positive work ethic.

“My students have employability skills. They know the importance of being on time and how to read and follow directions, how to learn something on their own and how to not give up because something doesn't work,” said Smith.


Do you know someone making a difference in the Lowcountry STEM community? Nominate them for our STEM Educator of the Month. (CLICK HERE)

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