Calling All Colors aims to make sure "Hate Won't Win" in future generations


As Charleston continues working to make sure "Hate Won't Win," more than 100 kids gathered Tuesday at Emanuel AME to learn about the value of inclusion, self-worth, and diversity in the second annual "Calling All Colors" event.

Organizers of the program hope through discussion and group activities, the children left Mother Emanuel Tuesday with a newfound respect for everyone in their community.

β€œIn order for change to happen, sometimes you have to take the first step," a volunteer says.

Volunteers say many kids come to the event each of the last two years, who they say didn't want to be there at first. But volunteers say those same kids left saying they loved it, and with new friends from all walks of life.

"People are here with different abilities, from different religious backgrounds, different socioeconomic backgrounds, just kids ... that have totally different upbringings," said Chelsi Howard, Community Relations Director for Palmetto CAP.. "So the fact that they can all come together and meet little people their same age is really cool. It's a really nice thing to know that you're giving them tools to cope with things in their life as they go forward."

And the children are eager to pass it on what they've learned.

"I learned about how your race doesn't matter and you shouldn't bully anyone and you should stand up for yourself," 10-year-old Kathryn Ball says.

"There was a quote and it said 'I value myself and others,' and there was another one that said 'To love and forgive is the wonderful way to live.' I think those are really strong meanings and I would teach everyone,” 12-year-old Akosua Nyeboah, says.

A future generation learning about acceptance and inclusion in a place where a white supremacist tried to tear a community apart.

"I feel very safe here and people are really nice and including and not excluding and I would definitely say kids should come here because they will learn a lot," Nyeboah says.

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