New wellness app Vimcity promotes a healthy lifestyle


Being healthy is about more than just exercise. That's the idea behind a new wellness app right here in the Lowcountry.

Most people think working out means sweating. But for some, fitness is a more than just working out. It's a lifestyle.

Dr. Susan Johnson and Rebecca Blackman Ramsay launched the app "Vimcity" in April.

"Trying to build healthy communities through engagement, using a mobile app as a tool," Dr. Johnson said.

It's all about getting healthy and maintaining it.

"Your home screen has the locations that are closest to you that are health promoting businesses," said Blackman Ramsay.

Director of fitness and partner at Hylo, Josh Durbin said, "It's nice to have a site now that you can go to that really caters to the health minded to have one place to go where you can find your health and fitness options, good nutritional options."

More than 600 of those options... The app shows you community events, shopping and fitness classes. You can even track your steps.

"I believe that we can't have too many healthy options in town," Durbin said.

The app puts hundreds of healthy options right at your fingertips

Vimcity is free for you to download. It's also free for local businesses. There's an incentive program so you can unlock deals the more you use the app. Local businesses also offer exclusive deals through it too.

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