EPA: DIY water test kits not evaluated or endorsed, despite logo use


People concerned about their water quality in Mount Pleasant have been using at-home test kits. The results from some of those kits have elevated concerns.

As we continue to push for answers on the issue, we noticed some manufacturers of at-home test kits list "EPA Standards" on packaging.

Curious how accurate the test kits may be and if the EPA endorses any of the kits, we reached out for comment.

"The kits do not always assess drinking water contaminants in the same manner as EPA's approved methods," a spokesperson told us.

Those at the EPA say the agency also has not evaluated DIY kits.

ABC News 4 has reached out to some manufacturers for answers on why they use the EPA logo on packaging if the EPA has not evaluated the kits. The CEO of one of those companies, H2O OK Plus issued the following statement:

Our water test kits measure contaminants against EPA published standards, which are listed both on the EPA and our LabTech websites. For example,the lead test indicates failure above the 15 ppm EPA published limit. The EPA does not list standard limits on some items, such as pH, however the industry has developed standards for good water quality which we follow.
The EPA does not endorse products from any source.

Consumer advocate and environmental activist Erin Brockovich is now officially asking questions about the Mount Pleasant water supply.

She confirmed to ABC News 4 she and Robert Bowcock, the water quality expert she has worked with for years, have sent emails demanding the Mount Pleasant water supply be checked for 23 contaminants over the past six years.

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