FDA: Rat excrement found inside King of Pops ingredient box

This Google Earth Pro image shows the location of the King of Pops facility in North Charleston.

A Lowcountry frozen treat production facility is cleaning up a mess following an FDA investigation.

In a statement posted on Facebook, King of Pops owner/founder Steven Carse said the company has made “corrective actions” at the North Charleston facility on Chateau Avenue. Carse said he was “disappointed in the findings” and “100% committed to making all corrective action.”

The FDA conducted an inspection at the facility in June, and rat excrement was found in several areas. A warning letter sent to King of Pops from the FDA also states residual food debris was found on production equipment and a processing table.

The report argues the production facility was found with standing water on the floor, and surfaces that provided “harborage sites where pathogenic microorganisms are able to grow and survive.” FDA investigators say they also witnessed employees touching things like compost buckets, trash cans and sink handles – then returning to handle food without washing their hands or changing gloves.

Perhaps the most disturbing of the warning from the FDA was the breakdown on specific areas where rat excrement was found. Among those – about 45 rat excrement pellets found inside a raw ingredient storage box.

“After reading the FDA warning letter regarding the North Charleston production facility, I was embarrassed and disappointed with the findings-as was everyone else in the company,” Carse wrote in his response.

Carse went on to say production in North Charleston has been suspended until “we officially hear from the FDA that our response to their recommendations is satisfactory. Importantly, we do want to emphasize that all of our other facilities are in good standing with the FDA.”

You can view Carse’s entire response in the embedded Facebook post below. If you are mobile app user, CLICK HERE.

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