Lowcountry pharmacists discuss safe ways to dispose of opioids

Lowcountry pharmacists discuss safe ways to dispose of opioids (WCIV)

Several Lowcountry locations are available for people who need to safely dispose of prescription medications.

The Drug Enforcement Division's Diversion Control Division offers an online resource for those looking for a safe disposal location.

Click here to find a location near you.

Lowcountry pharmacists are doing their part to try and curb the opioid epidemic.

Tidewater pharmacist Chad Straughan said a disposal service costs $1,000 a month.

"The younger generation is now being exposed to it more, to what it can provide, and unfortunately now it's got a dollar figure associated with it, so it's common practice to try to buy them off of each other, that type of thing, and it's just the the willy nilly-ness of prescribing the opiods and getting them has tightened up over the past year." Straughan said.

Straughn said he always checks the medication history of a patient attempting to fill an opioid prescription. He will even verify the prescription with a doctor just to be safe.

ABC News 4 will host a Your Voice, Your Future Town Hall event Tuesday night. Opioids: A National Crisis will air live from Lightsey Chapel on the campus of Charleston Southern University. The town hall is sponsored by Liberty University.

It will air live on ABC News 4 at 7 p.m., and will be streamed on this website, the WCIV | ABC News 4 Facebook page, and on ABC News 4's Twitter and YouTube pages.

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