South Carolina mother sings heartfelt tribute to son in hospital

Abigail Tanner sings song for her dying son, Lincoln, inside Duke Cancer Center (Duke Cancer Institute)

A mother's song to her critically ill child inside a Carolinas hospital is a vocal ride on an emotional roller coaster.

Duke Cancer Institute posted a video in March of South Carolina mother Abigail Tanner singing to her son, Lincolon, at a piano in a foyer inside Duke Cancer Center in Durham, North Carolina.

Abigail, from Pendelton, was there for Lincoln's neurology appointment. According to Duke officials, Lincoln battles a rare and terminal form of epilepsy known as MMPSI.

"Basically what that is is a catastrophic and terminal epilepsy, and he's probably one of — I don't know — 100, 200 in the world," Tanner told FOX Carolina. "It's extremely rare."

Because of the serious health problems caused by MMPSI, many affected individuals do not survive past infancy or early childhood, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

In a tender moment alone with her son, Abigail decided to sing one of her favorite, heartfelt songs. She sang "Never Enough," by former The Voice contestant Loren Allred. The song goes, in part:

Darling without you /
All the shine of a thousand spotlights /
All the stars we steal from the nightsky /
Will never be enough.

See the full video of the song above.

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