Tips to eat smart during the upcoming holiday season

Tips to eat smart during the upcoming holiday season

The American Heart Association has designated November as Eat Smart Month. They have offered five tips to help you stay on track during the tempting holiday season.

1. Spice it up – A new study found that people who enjoy spicy foods appear to eat less salt and have lower blood pressure. Kick up the heat with this recipe for Spicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas.

2. Add color – Not only are bright colors donning shop windows this season, they are also at the supermarket and on the holiday buffet. From red apples to orange pumpkins or green pears, adding just one cup of fruits and vegetables a day is a significant step toward a more vibrant life. Add a burst of color to your holiday spread with Frozen Yogurt Bark.

3. Pre-game – It’s easy to overeat or munch on snacks while in social settings. To help resist temptation, eat a healthy snack or meal before heading out. High-fiber foods like avocados are smart options because they keep you full longer. Oat Avocado-Berry Breakfast Bars make a great anytime snack at home or on the go.

4. Mini-mize – Practice moderation, not deprivation. Opt for a small plate, help yourself to a smaller portion or ask for a to-go box in advance and place half your order out of sight in the container.

5. Slow down – It takes time for your stomach to signal your brain that you’re full. Slow your pace by setting down your fork between bites, taking frequent drinks of water and pausing to talk with friends and family.

This month long campaign is part of a movement to help our nation make smart nutritional eating habits.

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