Transparent, tasteless, and nearly colorless substance needed to survive

Transparent, tasteless, and nearly colorless substance needed to survive

It increases your energy! It boosts your immune system! It helps maintain regularity! It promotes weight loss! It improves your complexion! It improves functions in your body! It is free!

Thankfully in most the United States we have ample amounts. What could I be talking about that is so beneficial to every single human being and so readily available?

Water, H2O, Agua, Wasser, Eau, Acqua

Whether you’re a school teacher teaching 5th grade, a dad at soccer practice, a mechanic, a fireman, a physician, a waiter, or a dockworker, water is something that is crucial for our bodies to run properly and to survive. In the list above you can see the amazing effects that water has on our bodies. Reading those, you would think everyone would be chugging water all day wouldn’t you?

The answer typically is, "no."

If we are not consuming enough water our bodies start to become dehydrated, our body temperature is not able to stay level, we start to have chemical imbalances, constipation and digestive issues, joint pain, headaches and dizziness. The list goes on.

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I am not here to scold you if you do not consume enough water in your day. I just want to educate in simple terms and remind you how important liquid is to your body.

I hear all too often, “I don’t like water." “I get bored of drinking plain water." “The water fountain is too far from my desk at work." “I forgot my water bottle."

You read it above. You can see the benefits of simply consuming water. Isn't it worth it to you to begin drinking more?

First off let’s see how much water we actually drink in a day –

Go through your day, drinking your normal amount, but log throughout the day to figure out about how much you consumed. Was it one 16 oz. bottle of water? Was it three 20 oz. glasses? Did you drink any? Keep track so you can develop an improvement plan. Many people think they drink much more water than they actually do!

We hear so many different suggestions for figuring out how much water we should consume:

- Body weight / 2 = consume that many ounces

- If you’re a male over the age of 19 consume 12 cups, if female consume 9 cups

- 8 glasses a day

These are all suggested amounts, but remember consumption needs also fluctuate with gender, age, weight, activity level, etc.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have people saying you can “overhydrate” if you drink too much. Overhydrating is when there is an imbalance of salt/sodium which causes the body, specifically your kidneys to function incorrectly. This is very RARE. A small percent of the population may experience this.


1) It is your new side kick, where you go the water goes (this means room to room in the house too).

2) Never leave the house without a water bottle.

3) If you only enjoy cold water fill a water bottle half full and freeze it the night before.

4) If you get bored with the “taste” of water add lemon, lime, cucumber for flavor and added nutrients.

5) The bigger the water container the better! You’ll see why below.

6) Drink a glass when you wake, before each meal, and every bathroom break.

7) Keep track of your consumption on a piece of paper or an app on your phone.


This week you are going to test your body, the challenge is for 7 days straight! Go out and buy a gallon of water (you can find them often for $.89 cents in a grocery store). Now here’s for the challenge, you can do it with your co –workers, you can do it at home with your family, you can do the challenge at your gym, or even by yourself, how much of this gallon can you drink a day for 7 days?!

Check out my picture above, I marked my gallon with times that make sense to me and my life schedule. Every day try to drink as much as you can, bring your gallon EVERYWHERE with you! Each day fill it back up and start again. I challenge you for 7 days straight to do the Gallon Challenge – at the end of the week I want you to think back and see if you can tell a difference: Am I eating healthier? Is my skin clearer? Does my body feel better? Do I have more energy? Am I feeling less bloated?

It is amazing what simply drinking a few more ounces of water a day can do for you, what’s to lose, try it out! Take a picture of your gallon and tag #KellysCharlestonChallenge so we can all see each other’s progress and who’s killing the challenge!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments as well! See you all next week for the next #KellysCharlestonChallenge.

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