'You are what you eat,' we wish it wasn’t true

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What you choose to put into your body, is the fuel on which your body runs. There is no need to make it complicated, the simpler we make our diet, the easier it is to follow.

Protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats -- these three are called macronutrients. Macronutrients should be consumed at every meal! Keeping it simple, a macronutrient or macro is a substance usually required in a larger quantity to provide us with energy and overall health. Along with macros, it is important we don’t forget to add in vegetables as well, making it a balanced meal.

A balanced meal is extremely important to consume multiple times a day. Many people say you should be eating every 3-4 hours to feed your body the calories it needs to function properly.

Why is it important to eat a meal consisting of protein, carbohydrates (carbs), healthy fats, and a vegetables?

These four substances together provide the body the correct nutrients to maintain and contribute to: healthy cells, well-functioning organs, balanced caloric intake, and good mental and physical health just to name a few. Without a balanced diet, your body is more prone to disease, sickness, injury, and weight gain. Often times people think, "well I ate carbs for breakfast, I had protein in my lunch, so eating vegetables for dinner will provide me with a day filled with healthy meals." Not quite. Every meal needs the combination of the three macros and a vegetable to help your body process the foods correctly.

We have gone over the WHAT: making sure we consume a protein, carbohydrate, healthy fat, and a vegetable at every meal. WHY: because they are needed for your body to function properly. WHEN: eating when you get up is important to jump start your metabolism for the day, it has been 7,8,9 hours since your body last received any food so it is important to fuel when you wake.

Keeping it short and simple, on average, people say you should consume food every 3-4 hours throughout your day. This could mean breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, but every person is different in what they need to consume and when. It is important to know what works for you doesn’t mean it will work for your neighbor; this includes time of eating, what you eat, and how much of it to make sure you’re having a balanced meal.

Lastly we have gotten to the HOW: do I make sure to prepare and consume a balanced meal at least three times a day? I would recommend educating yourself, making sure you know examples of each macro. Prepare ahead of time. Make sure you know what you are having on Sunday for the whole work week. This allows you to consciously make healthy decisions and not irrational choices when we are starving and not prepared with a meal.

Below I have listed examples of each macronutrient along with nutrient-packed vegetables. Take time and see what foods please you, what you might want to try, and then start putting together combinations to make your balanced meals.

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Your challenge this week for #Kellyscharlestonchallenge will be to plan out a balance breakfast, balanced lunch, balanced dinner, and two snack options. This is only the beginning, once you get a hang of putting foods together making sure to have three macros and a vegetable it will become easier for you to have a healthier body and lifestyle.

1 Balanced Breakfast:

1 Balanced Lunch:

1 Balanced Dinner:

Balanced Snack #1:

Balanced Snack #2:

What I love about social media is that when we post ideas, or things we have done we start to influence and give ideas to other people as well. Please take at least one picture of a planned out meal/snack and post it on your social media and tag #kellyscharlestonchallenge so I can see what you have made! You can also email me what you prepared for the week, or any questions you may have!

See you all next week for the next #KellysCharlestonChallenge!

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