200 Charleston County elementary students gifted brand new TOMS sneakers thanks to grant

Wadmalaw students gifted new sneakers (WCIV)

Students at Edith L. Frierson Elementary School on Wadmalaw Island may have an extra pep in their step when they walk into school Wednesday, after every student got a new pair of sneakers Tuesday night.

The small school on the heart of Wadmalaw Island serves pre-K through 5th grade students, the ages when kids are sprouting up quickly, and outgrowing clothes in what may seem like the blink of an eye to parents.

Sharaiah Watson is watching her son Jacob grow with the speed of light.

“It’s much appreciated, it’s one less thing I have to buy,” Watson said Tuesday after Jacob and other students received their gift.

The new sneakers are thanks to a grant awarded to the school through a project called Save the Children.

Smiles spread across students faces as they received their sneakers, a moment Dr. Deborah Davis-Fickling was thrilled to share with her students, all while sticking with the theme of the school.

“It’s a great gift and a wonderful blessing to our children and our families, and then to us as a staff, to be able to take this book and connect it to what we’re doing. Changing the world right?” Davis-Fickling said.

Edith L. Frierson was the only school in the district to receive this grant.

As a result, Jacob, 6, and 200 of his school mates will be laying out a new pair of TOMS with their uniform for a while.

“Thank you to the people who gave me my new shoes,” Jacob said.

Sa’rai Sanders also will be stepping in style starting Wednesday. She says the shoes are coming at the perfect time.

“They’re so comfortable and I like them,” said Sa'rai.

Her new TOMS will replace the sneakers her younger sister has done a little damage to.

“Most of my shoes, my sister has been writing in,” added Sa'rai, who says writing just happens to be her favorite thing to do in school.

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