2018 Cooper River Bridge Run official poster revealed

CRBR Poster 2018 (Waitzman)

Cooper River Bridge Run officials unveiled Wednesday the official artwork for the 2018 Bridge Run.

The winning design was created by artist William Waitzman, who says it was inspired by the view of the bridge from Shem Creek.

Organizers say Waitzman’s print will be featured on the official t-shirts, posters and promotional materials for the 10K bridge run, Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Waitzman's artwork was chosen after gaining significant support from the 10,000-plus people who voted in the “People’s Choice” survey, according to race organizers. It was officially chosen in a private judging session.

Waitzman will receive a $1,000 prize, plus 100 posters and 24 t-shirts as recognition for his work.

There were 43 eligible designs submitted to be considered for the official poster, race officials say. All other design entries were auctioned to raise funds for the 15 charities the 2018 Bridge Run will benefit.

Waitzman's print was inspired by the view of the bridge from Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant and the pelicans that follow the shrimp boats as they return to the dock, race organizers say.

Below is a description of the process Waitzman used to create the print, and more on his background. The information was provided by race officials:

Waitzman made the print by drawing 17 separate layers to make up his image, then transferred the drawings to screens, and printed the colors one at a time by pulling a squeegee across the screen, forcing ink onto the paper. It took a number of days over the course of a few weeks to complete the print. Waitzman lives in Mount Vernon, New York, where he was born and raised. He frequently visits Mount Pleasant, where his mother, brother and sister reside. Some of his favorite local places to walk and bike are the pier under the Ravenel Bridge, the Pitt Street Bridge, and the beach at Isle of Palms. His work as an illustrator over the past 30+ years has included holiday cards for the Museum of Modern Art, book illustrations for numerous clients and editorial illustrations for many newspapers and magazines, including the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. His silkscreen prints have been in national and international juried exhibitions. You can see Waitzman’s silkscreen prints, which are primarily landscapes, at

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