Woman accused of biting N. Charleston police officer has 22 previous arrests, records show

Arlene Jackson (Charleston County Detention Center)

A 53-year-old woman accused of biting a North Charleston police officer during an arrest Sunday night has a lengthy rap sheet that includes previous assaults on police officers and resisting arrest, records show.

Arlene Jackson is charged with assault while resisting arrest after she punched an officer in the chest with a closed fist, clawed at the officer with her nails and bit the officer in the arm just above the wrist, according to an affidavit.

Jackson is currently being held at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

A background check with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) shows Jackson has a lengthy rap sheet beginning in 1989.

All the following arrests were made in either North Charleston, City of Charleston or by Charleston County deputies, according to SLED

  • Possession of cocaine, Jan. 1989
  • Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, dealing a controlled substance within a proximity to a school, resisting arrest, Oct. 1991
  • Distribution of cocaine, distribution of marijuana, May 1993
  • Criminal domestic violence, July 1999
  • Criminal domestic violence high and aggravated, threatening a public official, resisting arrest, Feb. 2001
  • Criminal domestic violence, Aug. 2002
  • Simple assault, entry on another’s land after notice, public drunkenness, March 2008
  • Simple assault, April 2008
  • Assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, resisting arrest, May 2008
  • Assault and battery, third degree, resisting arrest, Oct. 2010
  • Public drunkenness, public disorderly conduct, Nov. 2010
  • Assault and battery, third degree, Public drunkenness, public disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, carry concealed weapon, contempt of court, Jan. 2011
  • Public disorderly conduct, April 2014
  • Public disorderly conduct, entry on another’s lands after notice, Nov. 2014
  • Failure to appear, Dec. 2014
  • Resisting arrest, assault on police officer while resisting arrest, pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or drugs, May 2015
  • Assault and battery, first degree, Aug. 2015
  • Open container of beer/wine, public drunkenness – Aug. 2017
  • Public drunkenness, Nov. 2017
  • Failure to appear in court, Feb. 2018
  • Resisting arrest, assault on police officer while resisting arrest, July 2018
  • Breach of peace, drinking alcohol in public, Oct. 2018

That’s in addition to the assault while resisting arrest in Feb. 2019.

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